100% Socks?

That's the only thing we do.

Loonysocks™ is only about socks! Try Them Now!Then you will know what quality socks is all about!

Make it Simple!

We make socks - Good socks! Why would we do anything else? Compare us to others who only have socks as an extra thing. We think we are better!

We want the best for your feet (and our feet). Combed cotton - sure! Oeko-Tex yarn - Yes! Virgin cotton - Yes Again!
In our wool socks we use Ascona super soft merino wool.

The clean Scandinavian Design is our game. Our socks are made with love in Northern Europe.

ImgLoonysokcs™ does nothing else than socks - That's why we are so good at it!

ImgLoonysocks™ does combed cotton or merino wool!

ImgLoonysocks™ is Scandinavian Design and Made in Europe!